Peter Steven Saman

Peter Steven Saman 7/22/1943 – 11/21/2012

Peter S. Saman, of Woodstock, Vermont, passed away peacefully at home on November 21, 2012 after a short bout with cancer. Born in Bristol, Connecticut, July 22, 1943, Peter was the son of the late Andrew and Leila (Gaylord) Saman.  He was preceded by his sister Marcia.  He was a graduate of Bristol Eastern High School and Goddard College in Plainfield, Vermont where he earned an MA in Rural Planning.  In Plainfield, he worked Praxis Farm (Harmony between thoughts and actions) creating art, engaging in dairy farming, hydroponic farming, and in various entrepreneurial activities, including resurrecting to viability the second oldest general store in New England. In 1988 he moved to Woodstock, Vermont, where he continued to develop art, engage in the real estate, and antiques, operating Praxis Antiques. Peter participated in the local planning process in both Plainfield and Woodstock. He enjoyed genealogy, researching his ancestry, which is replete with members who contributed enduringly, perseveringly and notably, in their own times and beyond to theological, educational, political, military and governmental arenas over the last 1500 + years in both North America and in Europe.

Peter is survived by nineteen cousins, their descendants, and many friends from Vermont and Connecticut. Soon, simple celebrations of life fully lived and appreciated will be held in Connecticut and Vermont. His ashes will be placed at the family plot in West Cemetery in Bristol. To leave a remembrance, view photos, or to be contacted about memorial plans, please visit


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